eSomina Technologies


eSomina Technologies is the offspring of a recording/multimedia production studio that is owned and directed by Reid J Williams of Richmond, TX.

In the past, Adobe Flash based solutions were largely used in the development of our interactives, new technologies needed to be persued that would allow for software solutions to better serve our clients.

eSomina Technologies was Born.

The goal of eSomina Technologies is to develop interactive solutions that address the many needs of todays day to day operations, while utilizing the latest tools provided by the industry.

Currently eSomina Technologies is self funding an interactive software solution with the specific goal of helping athletes who have disabilities by immersing them into a virtual environment. This virtual environment will subject the athletes to interactive lessons particular to the sport in which they participate. Throughout the development process, care is being taken to ensure interactivity with particular hardware devices. This will create a theraputic opportunity for these individuals with disabilities as well as allow them to control the different aspects of the software interactive.

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